How Home Security Can Help Keep Your Kids Safe

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You can take many precautions around your house to help keep your kids safe from certain things. Teaching them about fire safety for the kitchen and throughout the home is crucial, but taking steps like installing professional security is another big commitment expectant and experienced parents alike can take. Parents can find tips for picking the right security system, and features that they’ll need for monitoring and protecting children ages toddler to teen.

One of the most popular features with home security systems is home automation and video surveillance. These technologies let homeowners use their smartphones or other mobile devices to control things around the house and check in from remote locations using video cameras. The video surveillance also lends to safer homes with kids as you can monitor your child’s activities or check on them when they’re sleeping.

Some other home security technologies that can help you keep your kids and home secure are entryway sensors. When activated, these devices let out an audible alert to inform you of a door or window that has been opened. This way you’ll know if your younger kids have come in or gone out to play or if you have teenagers, it can help deter them from trying to leave the house after curfew. Keeping your kids safe is top priority and with the right alarm system and technology (and rules and safety guidelines in place), your home and children can be safer.

7 Things To Check For Safety Around Home Exteriors

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When thinking about home safety issues, your mind probably goes first to the inside of your home. However, there are plenty of safety hazards on and around your home’s exterior to which you should be aware.

1. Garage door
Modern garage door openers are equipped with safety functions that prevent them from shutting on children or pets. Check periodically to make sure the door is functioning properly.

2. Swimming pools
You should make sure that any gates and alarms you have installed on your pool are functioning properly.

3. Electrical outlets
Just as indoors, you Read the rest of this entry »

5 Safety Checkpoints For Your Children’s Bedrooms

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Keeping your child safe is a never ending battle. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make this battle easier. One of the best ways is by making the child’s bedroom as safe as possible. Here are 5 safety checkpoints to improve the safety of your child’s bedroom:

1. Install and maintain smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that only a detector can catch. Small children are also unlikely to vocalize if something in their room is Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Your Children Safe In The Bathroom

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Preventing Accidents

Parents must find ways to provide adequate safety for young children in the bathroom. Many individuals are unaware of the high number of accidents that occur in this room of a home. Fortunately, there are safety devices that are affordable and easy to install to prevent danger.

Cushion Surfaces

An adult must closely monitor a child during a bath or shower. A young child can easily fall in a bathtub that has a slippery surface. While falling, children can hit a hard Read the rest of this entry »

Child-Proofing Your Living Room in 4 Simple Steps

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Having children is a wonderful experience, but it is a lot different than living in an adult-only household. Things that don’t pose a safety problem for adults can cause children to get severely hurt, so it is important to carefully child-proof your home. One great place to start is with your living room, and following these tips will allow you to child-proof your living room quickly and easily.

1. Cover your electrical outlets. Although adults know better than to stick their fingers or household items in the sockets, Read the rest of this entry »

7 Methods For Making The Kitchen Child-Safe

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Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the most potentially dangerous for children. Since so many appliances and utensils are used in cooking and many household items are stored in the kitchen, there are dangers at every turn. For this reason, you must be extra diligent when child-proofing the kitchen.

Following the seven steps below can greatly reduce the risk to your children and give you peace of mind:

1.Use child-proof safety locks on Read the rest of this entry »

10 Ways To Child-Proof Your Home

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Those who have children know the stress and anxiety that can be caused worrying if your child is going to accidentally get themselves in a dangerous situation in your household. Fortunately, there are many, many ways to child-proof a home and give parents everywhere a safe ease of mind. Here is a look at 10 great ways to child-proof a home:

1. Replace all the electric sockets with childproof sockets.

2. Remove all sharp objects away from areas that receive high-traffic.

3. Always check the floor for objects that can be swallowed.I was looking for more information and found it here. Pins, buttons, coins, nails, etc., can all be dangerous choking hazards.

4. Don’t leave bug and mouse traps in areas reachable of small children.

5. Never allow water to standstill in the bathtub or sink.

6. Keep your medicines and vitamins away from kid’s reach.

7. Fasten all your tall pieces of furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall so that they can’t easily be pulled down.

8. Refrain from using older cribs that might be offered to you from friends and family. Newer cribs have been designed to be much more safe and to meet all safety standards than older cribs.

9. If you have a staircase, adt home security user manual, install a safety gate at both the top and bottom to prevent children from tumbling dangerously down them.

10. Keep furniture and cribs away from windows.

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